About Us

[row] [span8][title_box title=”who we are” custom_class=”about-title”]11200638_347206692136535_88109409753589824_n [highlight] The Bouquets and flower arrangements that we create, are unique, elegant and Beautiful.

[/highlight] The flowers and colour arrangements that you choose, will depend on your wedding theme and availability of flowers, as well as your specific tastes and desires.

Each arrangement of flower selection is decided on by you, the bride and groom to be, and will compliment your wedding setting.

My favourites are roses, their elegance, style and presence makes them ideal for any wedding, Please take a look at my portfolio selection for Ideas.

If you have an idea, or picture of an existing arrangement you would like, please let us have it, and we will create it for you.

We have over 29 years of experience and expertise gained from over 1000 weddings and events all over South Africa. Here on the North Coast of Kwa Zulu Natal, Sue’s Wedding Flowers concentrates solely on creating amazing displays for weddings and events throughout Durban and beyond.

[button text=”Learn more” link=”blog” style=”default” size=”normal” target=”_self” display=”inline” class=”about-btn” icon=”no”][hr][title_box title=”what we offer” custom_class=”wedding-title”] [row_in] [span4][row_fluid] [one_sixth][dropcap]1.[/dropcap][/one_sixth] [five_sixth][title_box title=”Consultation” custom_class=”column-title”] at our Studio, the venue or where possible, your home. [/five_sixth] [/row_fluid][/span4] [span4][row_fluid] [one_sixth][dropcap]2.[/dropcap][/one_sixth] [five_sixth][title_box title=”Design and supply” custom_class=”column-title”] of every aspect of wedding and event floristry: Bouquets, Venues, the Church, Corsages, the Cake, Hair, Flowers. [/five_sixth] [/row_fluid][/span4] [/row_in][spacer] [row_in] [span4][row_fluid] [one_sixth][dropcap]3.[/dropcap][/one_sixth] [five_sixth][title_box title=” Delivery and set up.” custom_class=”column-title”]We deliver to the church or ceremony, we set up ceremony flowers, aisle crash, pew bows, etc. pin on boutonnieres and corsages. We will deliver earlier if the flowers are needed for photos, etc.[/five_sixth] [/row_fluid][/span4] [span4][row_fluid] [one_sixth][dropcap]4.[/dropcap][/one_sixth] [five_sixth][title_box title=”Anticipation and great excitement,” custom_class=”column-title”] coupled with peace of mind..[/five_sixth] [/row_fluid][/span4] [/row_in][hr][title_box title=”Services overview” custom_class=”service-title”] Whether you have exact pictures of the flowers of your dreams or you just don’t have any ideas at all, Sue’s Flowers will take you on the simplest route to choosing perfect flowers!
Above all it should be fun deciding on your flowers, not a chore.
[row_in][span4][custom_list] [/custom_list][/span4][span4][custom_list] [/custom_list][/span4][/row_in] [/span8][span4][title_box title=”what people say about us” custom_class=”quote-title”] [hr][title_box title=”Our Philosophy ” custom_class=”philosophy-title”]banner[highlight] At Sue’s Flowers, we take great pride in giving the highest standard of service, making sure each bride is delighted with not only her flowers on the day, but the whole process of choosing the flowers.[/highlight] [clear][button text=”more info” style=”default” size=”normal” target=”_self” display=”inline” class=”philosophy-btn” icon=”no”] [/span4] [/row]